Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 of my favorite Vibrant Dahlias

Yesterday and today the Chicago Botanic Garden is hosting the Central States Dahlia Society Show. The first dahlia, I ever laid my eyes on was a giant dinner plate size, that was a stunning dark purple almost black and to me it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. What I love about dahlias are that they come in all different shapes and sizes.

This Spring I plan on ordering these to plant. Here are my Five of  My Favorite Dahlias.
1.)Dahlia 'China Doll'
Dahlia in the Walled Garden-China Doll  
2.) 'Karma Choc' A formal decorative dahlia with deep burgundy petals and a slight chocolate scent. Reminds me of the saying...."I'd give up chocolate, but I am no quitter", and I am one that needs a little chocolate in my garden.
3. 'Wizard of Oz' A small ball pretty in pink dahlia.
4.) Straight Cactus Dahlia 'Prince Charming' as Pure White as
he is charming. 
5.) 'Crichton Honey' A small Ball dahlia with lovely peach glowing petals.

One extra touch I would also like to place these beauties in a container, to give them center stage in an eye catching display of color and contrast between the dark leaves of the dahlia, and the light green leaves of the sweet potatoe vine, with a pop of color from the superbells.


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tablescape Thursday #1

Source via Pinterest

This table setting is definitely on my list of absolute favorites! Just picture yourself, sitting blissfully by the shoreline. Can't you just feel the ocean breeze and smell the salt air? Simply refreshing. On the table what I love the most is just the way everything is set perfectly, from  the beautiful succulent centerpieces, to the dainty pitcher of lemon water, and how all the food fits on the table. What is not to love about the color turquoise? There has always been a special place in my heart for wooden tables, and the soft blue striped table runner displays it perfectly. Right here is where I would sit and sip my chilled wine, have a fun evening with a couple friends, just enjoying listening and relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves.

I looked online to find the real source for this photo, but couldn't find it, if anyone knows where to find it please let me know. Not to mention the Southern Italian Brie and Chicken sounds delish!!
Le Cadeaux Madrid 16 Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sauteed Tilapa Roll with Lime, Sriracha Mayo and Tangy Honey Coleslaw

Don't you just love a great fish taco? One that takes you to somewhere in Paradise. It reminds me of a Summer spent on the Mexican Riviera. The crunch of freshly caught fried fish, and spicy coleslaw, wrapped in a warm taco is somewhat of a comfort food for me. This time I opted for a healthier version. Instead of the usual sugar to sweeten the coleslaw dressing, I substituted honey, which gave it a really nice, slightly sweet to taste, and I used olive oil to sauté the Tilapia instead of frying it.

Sauteed Tilapa Roll with Lime, Sriracha Mayo and Tangy Honey Coleslaw~Serves 4
4-4 oz fillets of Fresh Tilapia
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for brushing
2 Limes
1 head of green cabbage
1 carrot
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 Tbls. Plain Greek Yogurt
2 Tbls. Rice Wine Vinegar
2 Tbls. Honey
1/3 cup of mayonnaise
1-2 Tbls. Sriracha
4 small baguette rolls
Preheat sauté pan on Medium High. Lightly brush Tilapia Fillets with Olive Oil. Season with salt and pepper. Quarter 1 lime, and then squeeze the juice of 1 quarter of lime per fillet. Cook 3 minutes per side.
For coleslaw: Chiffonade the cabbage into ribbons and peel and cut carrots into small matchsticks. Mix together mayonnaise, yogurt, vinegar and honey in small bowl. Add the cabbage and carrots, tossing them in the dressing.
For Sriracha mayonnaise: Combine 1/3 cup mayonnaise with Sriracha, add more depending on how spicy you like it.
Toast rolls. On both sides spread Sriracha mayonnaise. On bottom roll layer one fillet and then top with Honey Coleslaw. Garnish with lime and more Sriracha.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome !

Welcome back bloggy friends and if this is your first time visiting with me, put your feet up and grab a cup of your favorite hot/ cold beverage, and sit a spell with me! It's been awhile since my last blog post at my previous Mommy blog, Are We There Yet Mom, but I can go even further back, when I started blogging and why, so let's start at the beginning....

My name is Christine and I am wife and mother to four children. My oldest daughter Marissa, moved to Washington State with plans to attend Western University. Then there is my son Joshua, who is 14, and my youngest daughters, Katelyn 11, and Lindsay 8, keep me smiling and laughing, not to mention exhuasted and needing power naps daily! We also have 3 Huskies, Zelda, Buddy and Luna, and two cats, Ruby and Naomi. My favorite past times are photography, cooking, and all things having to do with the outdoors and nature. I also love to find things that are beautiful, magical, and inspirational. This blog may take more of a Coastal Cottage feel, because my soul feels drawn very strongly to the beach, but I live in Arizona.....Haha, lots of sand, not so much surf!! On a brighter note I still have family in California, which I visit at least once a year.

You would also find me at two of my other favorite locations, either an English Country Cottage,

with a garden full of David Austin roses

'Heritage' a David Austin Rose | Photo: Carolyn Parker

or some quaint Villa on the Mediterranean Coast.

 Enough about me, let me tell you about the blog that started it all.

My first blog, served it's purpose as my online diary to chronicle the days and years following when my son was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic. You can read that blog at A Diabetic Mother's Tale. As time went on, I decided to take a hiatus from that blog, and I am happy to say, we just celebrated my son's 10 year anniversary living with Diabetes.

Then came a time when Mommy Bloggers began to take on the blogosphere, and I have to say I enjoyed all the friendships and times visiting some other talented, and fabulous bloggers, some of who are still blogging. Then once again life came between me and my blog; for the next couple of years I went back to work and school, and now I have my Associates degree in Nutrition. It is my desire to finish going back to school to become a Registered Dietitian, and to work in primarily an endocrinologist's office.

Which leads me to my new cozy corner of the blogosphere, here in one of my new all time favorite passions, as a Life Style Blogger. Here I plan to share my favorite Home and Garden related posts, from healthy recipes, DIY crafts and other inspirations, my love of Floral arranging and Gardening, as well as plans to share my favorite tips for Decorating and Entertaining.

Thank you all for visiting I hope to see you all again real soon! I also love comments and love visiting other blogs and making new friends!!

If you like to know a little more about me, check out  "11 More Things About Me"!!