Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 of my favorite Vibrant Dahlias

Yesterday and today the Chicago Botanic Garden is hosting the Central States Dahlia Society Show. The first dahlia, I ever laid my eyes on was a giant dinner plate size, that was a stunning dark purple almost black and to me it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. What I love about dahlias are that they come in all different shapes and sizes.

This Spring I plan on ordering these to plant. Here are my Five of  My Favorite Dahlias.
1.)Dahlia 'China Doll'
Dahlia in the Walled Garden-China Doll  
2.) 'Karma Choc' A formal decorative dahlia with deep burgundy petals and a slight chocolate scent. Reminds me of the saying...."I'd give up chocolate, but I am no quitter", and I am one that needs a little chocolate in my garden.
3. 'Wizard of Oz' A small ball pretty in pink dahlia.
4.) Straight Cactus Dahlia 'Prince Charming' as Pure White as
he is charming. 
5.) 'Crichton Honey' A small Ball dahlia with lovely peach glowing petals.

One extra touch I would also like to place these beauties in a container, to give them center stage in an eye catching display of color and contrast between the dark leaves of the dahlia, and the light green leaves of the sweet potatoe vine, with a pop of color from the superbells.


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