Saturday, December 5, 2015

DIY Watercolor Mug that is A Pinspiration Success

Happy Weekend! 
It just seems like it was January, and here we are in the first weekend of December!
Since this was a busy week, 
I am finally able to start Christmas decorating and putting away Fall decorations!

This post was the second post on my blog last year, so I thought I'd bring it back, because
it's one of those projects that turned out beautifully, and 
would make a wonderful gift for teachers, hostesses, or neighbors!

Artsy, isn't a word, I would use to describe myself. It is a word I would use to describe all of my daughters. Marissa my oldest loves photography, especially landscape, Katelyn has been writing stories since she learned to put a sentence together, and Lindsay let's just say she's good with a pair of scissors, for now, but she is the one who truly has a green thumb in our family.

Although, I am not good with an artist brush, or putting pen to paper and drawing a masterpiece, I love to do arts and crafts, and this post by Poppytalk, inspired me to add a pop of color to my morning cup of coffee.

It's simple enough, all you need is a white ceramic mug, nailpolish (and make sure it isn't old nailpolish. Old nailpolish doesn't work at all, it just clumps up.), a disposable container ( I used a pie tin I bought 3 for $1 at the dollar store) and warm water.

The color combinations are endless. Try one color, or layer color on top of color, allowing each color to dry in between layers. Here is the first one I did. To date...This is my #1 Pin on Pinterest!
*Update- A year later it still is!

With my coffee! The pattern reminds me of the crashing waves of the ocean and the sky above.

For next time, I think I am going to go with a Halloween theme, glow in the dark, purple, black, or a fall theme with orange, red, and brown, or yellow and orange. Should be fun! If you make one let me know, I'd love to see what color combination you create.

*Update- I still have the mug a year later, and the watercolor has remained. 
I wash it in the top rack  of my dishwasher! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Until next time! xo,

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  1. What a cool idea!
    Thanks so much for sharing this post with us at #PureBlogLove link Party! the party starts every Thursday Evening at 8 p.m. EST. I’m hosting over at Can’t wait to see what you bring next week!

  2. How long before you can safely handle an area that has been 'dunked'?

    1. Not too long, about 5 minutes! You can check to see how dry yours is by touch testing it lightly! If it's still tacky, I'd wait several minutes more!

  3. Oh my gosh, I was not expecting the use of fingernail polish, genius!!! That is so cool!
    This will be great for our upcoming #OMHGWW!!
    And I would like to invite you to stop by and share on my #OMHGFF as well!

    Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the holiday!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. That is beautiful, Christine! I really love those colors.

  5. Okay, that is just so beautiful! I love the mottled look....perfect!! Hugs!

  6. It's it, Christine. And I do collect mugs :). Thanks for sharing the idea...