Friday, April 17, 2015

Follow Friday #19: IKEA Hack edition

Antique French garden roses…
Souvenir de Malmaison c. 1843 is the icy pink.
Devoniensis c. 1858 the cream.via:trouvais

Good morning! I hope your week has gone well! Well, we didn't get moved in last weekend, and since I am having the carpets cleaned next week, we will definitely be moved out by either tomorrow or Sunday! I am not going to say I like moving, but it's nice to be able to have some time to move, and not feel rushed. All in all it only took a little over two weeks. With a kitchen to remodel, and bathroom cabinets as well, there really isn't too much to be done at the new house. What I love most, is the back yard, has rock down, so no muddy patches for the dogs, and also has a nicely bordered yard with grass.  There are only two baby sage bushes coming back to life with some TLC, but other than that, it's a blank slate for me to get in there, and with Summer coming (here in AZ) I only have about a month to get planting, before it hits 100F. It's supposed to be 90F on Saturday.

I wait all week for this day! Friday Follow's are one of my favorite post, because I hope it helps you to find new and inspiring blogs to follow! Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram their Inspiration gave me so many ideas, with too many being my favorites, that  I would really love to share them all with you. I just don't want to take up all of your time, so here are a couple to spread the love and inspiration!

This week, I wanted to try something a little different, than just share, I want this to be more interactive and fun! For this week, I want to hear from you...I want to know who inspires you.
Here's the plan:
1. Post a comment, tagging an individual (or individuals) who inspired you this past week.
2. Visit and follow at least one of those mentioned. A comment is always nice...:)

This is one bedroom, I could see myself living in! Pinning this IKEA nightstand hack for later!
One amazing, creative blog!
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I've been looking for a coffee table for my Great Room, and I think this looks like a winner!
Another amazing and talented blog!
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Isn't this gorgeous? While I think this is a little dark for my taste,
I love the overall design and finished project!
 It's the wanderlust in me that has always wanted world clocks like these!
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This is brilliant! Staining paint sticks with different stains to get this reclaimed wood look!
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 Let's see how much love and inspiration we can spread together.
Have a lovely weekend! Until next time!

xo Christine

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