Friday, April 24, 2015

Follow Friday 20: Taking a Walk on the Creative Side


Good morning! I hope your week has gone well! It is an absolute beautiful, true to April showers kind of day here in Arizona. It's been raining on and off again all morning, which is wonderfully refreshing, after the heat wave of 90F weather, we had for the last week or so! We did get all moved in finally! Now, I am busily unpacking the stacks of boxes, trying to organize my kitchen, and simply enjoying the new house. For Earth Day, Lindsay and I started planting seeds to put out in the back yard. Tomorrow is the Home and Garden show in Phoenix, and I am so excited to (if we can get in, the even is limited to the first 2000 people) go see Jonathan and Drew Scott, of The Property Brothers that airs on HGTV! I love how they can transform the ugliest eye sore of a house, into someone's dream home! I am also working on a couple projects for my One Room Challenge, and it is really starting to be a challenge this week, with really moving. The reverse transfer on my end table did not work out at all, so I am going to try another type of transfer method, and I am starting my Gallery Walls, there will actually be two in my Great Room.

I wait all week for this day! Friday Follow's are one of my favorite post, because I hope it helps you to find new and inspiring blogs to follow! Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram their Inspiration gave me so many ideas, with too many being my favorites, that  I would really love to share them all with you. I just don't want to take up all of your time, so here are a couple to spread the love and inspiration!

This week, I wanted to try something a little different, than just share, I want this to be more interactive and fun! For this week, I want to hear from you...I want to know who inspires you.
Here's the plan:
1. Post a comment, tagging an individual (or individuals) who inspired you this past week.
2. Visit and follow at least one of those mentioned. A comment is always nice...:)

When I started blogging, and taking pictures on Instagram, AW was one of the first IGers I followed. It was meant to be today, that I refound her again, because with the girls wanting to decorate their rooms, I found some stunning ideas to decorate their rooms. Maybe I shouldn't mention this, but she is selling her gorgeous fabrics on Instagram, May  5th. Here are all the details.

I have always dreamed of painting a beautiful artwork! The possibilities are endless, when using fabric as your canvas! Absolutely stunning from Emily Jeffords
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I am in love with this Playroom she created. Reminds me of the time we were moving, and I couldn't find my oldest daughter at the time she was probably 3 or 4. As I was setting her room up, I found where she had been hiding under her bed and coloring rainbows on the underside of her mattress. To this day, she is still painting, creating, photographing, beautiful works of art, (and I am not saying that just because I'm her momma). It just blows me away how creative my daughter is, and how artistically challenged her mother is (that's me)!!
With Summer around the corner, and when the nights cool off, I like to sit outside, not only because I've been in the house all day, and I enjoy the refreshing night air, but also to gaze up at the moon and stars. Where we live, it's about 30 minutes away from the city, and  our new neighborhood, doesn't have any street lights, so I imagine the Summer nights in my back yard with these glowing near the patio. I thought these DIY lanterns were sheer genious and I can't wait to make some for my back yard!
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I am absolutely in love with this playroom! Even though Lindsay is almost 10, I would love to recreate some of these fun elements for her!

Let's see how much love and inspiration we can spread together.
Have a lovely weekend! Until next time!

xo Christine

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