Saturday, April 25, 2015

One Room Challenge Week 4: Coastal Charm Great Room

Happy Saturday, and I am happy to say we are all finally moved in! Today I decided to celebrate by taking the girls to the Phoenix Home and Garden show, to see our favorite twins, "The Property Brothers". It just happens to be the brothers' birthday weekend, so it truly was a treat for me and the girls. Even though the show was only about 45 minutes, I learned quite a bit about, buying, selling, and remodeling a house; not to mention they are really tall in real life.  Their energy was such an inspiration to keep pushing me to put this room all together.

Here is my progress to catch you up!
Week 1       Week 2     Week 3

Onto the Week 4 progress for our Great room. The spring pillows are being made. We've picked out the rug and the carpet runners, picked out lamps, and the coffee table. Today I am showing you the handpainted French end table Part 1, I have finished so far. It will be completed by Week 6. Here are a couple sneek shots.

Before: I think my sister in law, was going to paint it aqua, and just decided she didn't like it. I love the how the table is turning out!
Here she is, all painted, for the first time I think I did a pretty good job, because I didn't have any luck with the reverse transfer. One tutorial, said to just spritz the table with water, before I put down my reverse transfer, and then spray the reverse transfer with water; then use a credit card to smooth out the paper, and transfer the ink onto the table. Nothing happened. No ink running, no ink transfer at all! Any one have any guesses why it didn't work? I did get better results, not perfect, it does need  a few touch ups. I followed this video for the how to, but in a later posts, I'll give you how I tweaked little bits here and there. I used this graphic from The Graphics Fairy, and I haven't quite decided, because if you haven't noticed, this table is WHITE! Around the edges I either want to handpaint roses or hydrangeas...Which shall it be?

Just for the record, I wouldn't paint all furniture. I think wood is gorgeous on it's own. The twin to this end table, I have plans that include, having my husband make a real wood top, painting only the body of the table, and transferring an image on top. Also, I have pieces of furniture pieces from my Great-Grandmother and Nana, that I would never paint either.

For me, the paint and the transfer give this end table some character and accent it's style!
 Just thought I'd let you know.
The video with the tutorial that helped with the transfer is this one. He uses this technique to write names on walls. Pretty cool! Think I am going to try this in the girls' rooms.

Here are a couple of the gallery wall inspiration, one for over my accent table, and the other over the couch.
 The first one, on both.

What I have left to do...finish the end table and pillows, DIY the drapes, and hang the gallery wall pictures.
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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Until next time!
xo Christine


  1. How exciting that you got to meet the Property Brothers!!!

  2. Really enjoyed the tutorial on how to transfer words/pics to wood. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous tables!!!! And yes how fun to meet property brothers.

  4. What fun to meet those guys, I have watched their show, they are really cool!!
    Thanks again Christine for Co-Hosting with us this month, it has been fun to get to know you!!!
    Hope you enjoy your week!

  5. Theres lots of good info here! Thanks for sharing...I've pinned and shared your work:) Visiting fro the DIY Sunday Showcase!

  6. Looks so good. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7, we can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

  7. This is so fantastic. It looks like you had a great time with the Property Brothers! I just wanted to let you know this is going to be one of my features at tomorrow's Something to Talk About Link Party. Thanks so much for linking up! Hugs, Coco

  8. How exciting to meet the Proerty Brothers I would have done the same