Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Room Challenge Spring 2015: Great Room Coastal Charm: Week 3

Happy Saturday! We almost didn't move today! My husband told me that the Property Brothers are coming to Phoenix for the Home and Garden Show, and he thought it was today. Instead it's next week! Katelyn loves watching their show (me, too), so hopefully next week we'll be able to meet them at the show.

Onto the Week 3 progress of our Great Room. For being halfway through I thought I would have more done! I am hoping that the DIY I have in mind for the drapes, and making the Spring throw pillows won't take too much time. When we get moved in I can put up the gallery wall, and hopefully finish up one of the end tables. I have a design for the other one in mind, but don't think I will get that done in time (maybe).

Here is my progress to catch you up!
Week 1       Week 2
Last week, I found this fabric at Joanns for my Spring pillows. I fell in love with the turquoise color and pattern. Those should be finished for next week!
 This week, I took a quick trip to IKEA, to look for woven storage baskets, and I found an idea for the drapes, which I will share next week. Also, at IKEA, I found a coffee table that I liked, that I think will go really well in the design.
 Next, I found my way to Home Goods, where I picked up this Jute rug for the entry, and saw these beautiful Coastal Coral artworks.
After that I picked up more (affiliate) Americana Deco Chalky Finish Paint, paint in 'Lace' to finish painting the end table, at Michaels I also saw these Coastal Lanterns. Not a bad deal, if I use their 50% Off coupon.

Earlier this week, my husband and I were talking about the situation with the couches, and since we're moving into a new place, he wants to get a new sectional for the Living room, the light tan leather couch can go in the Great room, and my SIL's light purple couch in the family room.
Glad that's all settled!
One thing about my husband he does have an eye for detail. We were out looking for rugs, and he actually helped me find one, that we both liked. That will be shared for the last post. So we are making progress, just not as much as I would have liked to share with you today! I should have more done for next week for you!

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Until next time!
xo Christine

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  1. Christine, thank you so much for your sweet words and for stopping by my blog and commenting on the crate! I fell in love with the crate when I saw it and knew that I had to make it work somewhere in my decor. Those bottles were truly another one of my trial and error projects. This time, they worked out. My others craft posts are all about the failures...LOL. Good luck with that reverse transfer. I haven't been able to make one look good yet...LOL! I cannot wait to see how your room turns out. I LOVE the coastal look and wish I could designate a room for that style. I cannot wait until we purchase our home (we are fervently looking) so that I can paint the walls and have a little more of my own stamp on our home! Have a wonderful week and thank you again! I just love your blog!!