Monday, June 29, 2015

A Week in CASL Photos: June 22- June 28

Happy Beautiful Monday! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I was so excited this weekend, we got a couple storms that came our way! Sadly, I didn't see any rain, but it looked like it sprinkled in the middle of the night! Thank god for the cooler temps, even if it's only 6 or 7 degrees cooler. This weekend, I am looking forward to going up and seeing my family for the 4th! I'm making ice cream today, and the girls are making cupcakes! My sister in law and I , must think alike, because for Christmas we both bought my daughter a Baby cakes maker. Which is awesome because, my daughters now each have their own!

What I like about doing a Photo365, is that I get to share with you a peek into what my week has been like, and possibly a sneak peek to what next week will bring. I've tried 365 Photo or Daily photo memes several times before, and surprisingly, I am getting farther posting my photos once a week, instead of once a day. It makes a big difference, and it's really nice to look back and see a slice of my day!

June 22- In my garden- My cherry tomatoe plant and my Vincas seem to love this heat wave! Thank goodness, I can feel the monsoons approaching. We had a storm watch warning last night! Things are starting to cool down.

June 23- Gift...I found these fun, colorful letters at Home Goods for the girls' rooms!

June 24- View...This is a photo my oldest daughter took up in Washington. Not only do I love the view of the docile doe, but the ever green forest, instead of rocks and cactus!
June 25- Mini...Love me some mini Chocolate Chips!
June 26- Animal...This is Her Highness Ruby! She's getting up there at 12 years old, but still the sweetest kitten ever!
June 27....Peaches...I must have been a Southern girl in another life...I love sweet tea and peaches!
Be sure and check back on July 1st to see what I make with these sweet beauties!
June 28- Orange...One of the prettiest roses in my garden!
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Have a great rest of your week! Until next time!
xo, Christine
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  1. Pretty photos Christine! Now following you on Instagram!

  2. Hi CB,
    I'm loving all your highlights this week and your pictures! Cherry tomatoes...yum! Adorable Highness Ruby. Do you make peach tea? We planted a peach tree a couple years ago, but no fruit yet... Have a fantastic week!

  3. I think you are southern, just living in AZ! Love some is such a wonderful summer plant!! Hugs!!

  4. I must be southern too, because I can't get enough of peaches either ;)

    Are you going to the fireworks up here? I'm not sure if we are or not. I can see them from my porch, but the honey wants to go downtown. We'll see...

    Have a great Fourth!