Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sweet Summer

Here's to a beautiful weekend!

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For most of you, Summer is just beginning.
Here in Arizona, we got an early start.
My children have been out of school for almost a month now,
 and I have enjoyed this month and took things much more leisurely.

Last week, it was really over cast for several days.
That reminded me of the June gloom days in California.
Everyone taking it easy,
and then right when the sun burned the clouds away, which was right around noon,
everyone took off to the beach.

Hotel del Coronado

Talking to my older daughter, who lives in Washington state,
she's planning to come back for a visit at the end of July
 ( crossing my fingers to stay *a mom can hope*).
One item on my bucket list is to go on a hike with all my children,
and she won't be able to get time off from work until then.
Which will be nice to get away from all this heat, to the cooler climate of Sedona.

That means, and I am super excited that next week, we'll be off on a roadtrip to California.
It won't be too long of a trip. One part of the trip is to see the sights in
Coronado, California, on the San Diego bay. 
One item I am taking with me is this beautiful (affiliate link) embroidered tunic dress
to help me stay easy and breezy during our trip!


I couldn't stop swooning over this coastal vignette. The galvanized buckets, the bottles filled with white, fragrant, freesia, the white washed candlesticks, and a new botanical love for me are artichokes. I couldn't believe my mother's artichoke plant survived the winter where she lives. I am hoping she gifts me with a few of her home grown ones.

Lobster Rolls via Suburban Soapbox
Also, in California, I am hoping to taste a Right Coast Lobster roll at Terra American bistro.  Can't wait to bite into one of these.

One plant I do not have a problem keeping alive has always been lavender.
In fact the more I abuse it, the better it grows. I'm actually thinking of
putting two lavender topiary bushes out on my front porch to keep the mosquitos away!
Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!
Until next time!
xo, Christine

Cherishing A Sweet Life

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  1. We have been on a work vacation in the New England area. It has spoiled me greatly to be in another part of the country! The weather is much more pleasant than back home in Tennessee and we are currently in Maine staying at a little inn on the water. We don't want to go back...LOL. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Love that dress and the decor pics!! So summery! :-)