Monday, June 15, 2015

A Week in CASL photos June 8- June 14

Happy Beautiful Monday! Ok, so last week got a little crazy, my husband needs to have his wisdom teeth out, and my daughter had strep throat. We had a birthday party last weekend for my brother and father in law (we kind of celebrate father's day too with that), then my nephew's first birthday party this weekend, and my mother came earlier than expected and stayed a little longer; lunch turned into dinner as well, which made for an amazing visit! Usually when she comes to visit, she stays for a couple of hours, since we've moved, we are now 3 hours away, instead of two, so for her to stay for almost seven hours, you can imagine the amazing quality time, I got to spend with her, and the time she got to spend with her grand children.

Oh, and the funniest thing, my nephew's favorite gift, wasn't all the toys and presents, it was the balloons. He just couldn't stop giggling and hitting them.

This week is a little different....I didn't truly follow the prompt for the weekly photos because the prompts were difficult emotions, I followed a few, so this week is a mix of both photo prompts and what I have been up to this week on my blog.

June 8th- Makes Me happy...Multi-colored roses...The table cloth was made by my Great-Grandmother....I remember running through her garden as a small child, stopping to smell her roses.

June 9th Disgusting....Do you like okra? Then maybe this will come as a surprise, but guess what
just looking at okra. creeps me out...Every time I look at it I see a bowl of slimy eyeballs...I love Gumbo...but please, please please Don't put any okra in it..Just makes me sick!! Ugh!!

Ginger Laphing...Take chicken noodle soup and add Asian flavors, and you have Ginger Laphing. I made this for my family after my husband had a dental emergency and my daughter got strep throat last week. The flavors were delicious, nutritious and very comforting!

Shibori trend: Last week, I seriously fell in love with Shibori.
I have been obsessively searching Pinterest and other blogs, to learn more fun patterns to create. Surprisingly, this DIY turned out easier than I expected. 

June 13th....Sadness...It makes me sad to see these lovely peony blooms fade. I wish their blooms would last forever.

June 14th....On my mind.... For the ten of you that follow my blog, my apologies for reposting this picture, but it was almost 110F yesterday, and well, I've adjusted to the heat, I know this is just the beginning, but to see my mother, melting....well, keeping cool has been on my mind. If this is your first time visiting my blog, I am glad you stopped by. If you can I would love for you to join my Ice Cream Social.... (Pina Colada Gelato)

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Have a great rest of your week! Until next time!
xo, Christine
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  1. CB,
    I hope your daughter and husband are feeling better. Beautiful roses...are they from your garden? How special to have a tablecloth from your Great Grandmother.

    1. Thank goodness, they are both on the mend! It made me happy to find these multi-colored roses at the store. Our new house, is in need of a rose bush or two or three! =) Thank you for visiting! Are your girls on summer vacation now?