Thursday, July 9, 2015

We're Painting the White Roses Red...

Happy Thursday! How's your week going? This week, I am enjoying the ups and not so many downs, in this roller coaster we call life. Yesterday, I had a scary start to my it happened, it was early in the morning, I decided to do my grocery shopping (which I never do) and get it done, while it was still cool out, but as I pulled into the parking lot, my check engine light went on! Long story short, and the good news is, it's not my engine, bad news is it's my A/C! The exciting part of my week is this weekend! First my son turns 15 on Monday, which is hard for me to believe. He really doesn't want a party, just to hang out with his friends, have dinner and see Jurassic Park, and of course I'll bake him a cake! This is something I've only done once, and it was when my oldest daughter was just a wee one, we had our special mommy-daughter tea party. This Saturday, the girls and I are throwing a Mad Hatter Tea Party, and they are super excited about that! Hope you will join me for a cup of tea and sweet treats!

The story of 'Alice in Wonderland', did inspire this post, as well as the prompt for IG, one day it was 'minimalism'! I am really not sure if I got the perfect capture for the prompt, but for this post, decorating with red and white! l admit, the only times you will find red around my house are Valentine's Day, Patriotic holidays, and Christmas! I really need to change this, because red is a rare gem of a color! It's exciting, it has a way of making a room more warm and inviting! It is a bold and beautiful color! For today's post, I am sharing my love of Red and White; it's not just for Holidays!

I know, this is Red, White and Blue, but I thought how gorgeous the Red and White rose bouquet went with the Ginger jars and bowl.

via Country Living
I love the red toile. For me, I'd go with less, minus the lamp shade! I love the mirrors, just on a smaller scale!

 via French Country Magazine
It's the small pops of color, like the book covers and the red trim around the pillow!
via Homedit
I would love to find a vintage white pail and fill it with really any color of fresh, blooms!
This is an interesting contrast between the flourish print of the curtains and the bold red and white buffalo check!
I've been thinking about what to do with my great-grandmother's chair, and I've decided to make slipcovers to keep the original orange tufetted velvet fabric safe! I fell in love with this ruffled red and white French ticking and toile table cover, which would make a very pretty slipcover for her chair. If only I knew how to sew! Sigh. Next up on list, learn to sew! Should be an adventure for sure!
Not only do I love the French farmhouse table, but those candlesticks are to die for! Off to the side of our kitchen, is the dinig nook, with bay windows, this buffalo check valance would fit perfectly. I am thinking of turning the breakfast nook into a quaint French bistro design.
When I was younger, I would have loved this in my room! I was enamored with all things French in High School. Did you know I took 4 years, and can barely speak a word of it now?!
via ebay (no longer for sale)
If I can find a similar sign, I would love to hang this in our breakfast nook!
Have you decorated or do you have a favorite red and white decoration?
Until next time,

Cherishing A Sweet Life


  1. Bonjour, comment allez vous? Je m'appelle Benita. I took 3 years and that is about it for me. I remember "un peu" of my French lessons. Je suis distrait. I know a few other words, but that's it for me...LOL

    Girl, that is so much eye candy! I love bits and pieces of it all! In another life, me and one of my friends, held tea parties for little girl's birthdays. We bought furs, hats, gloves and purses and the thrift stores, cleaned them all up and fixed meals for them. I would take the photos. We loved it and it was so much fun! Of course, the little girls just ate it all up. We would teach them "tea manners" and have little etiquette games. Lots of fun things to do with tea parties! I know you will have a blast! Hugs!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers and inspiration.
    I hear you about car troubles!

  3. Beautiful photos and flowers! I especially love the one from Country Living magazine. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Have a great week!

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