Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday #38

Happy Tuesday! How are your Summers going?
Hope it's been a relaxing one spending time with family and friends!
Ours has been busy with a couple of *end* of the Summer projects,
I say *end* because we start back to school in a little over two weeks!
Last week's party was so much fun!
It's hard for me to  believe it has already been four months since I started co-hosting this party!
I have met so many wonderful new friends and have found so much inspiration!
Thank you all, so much for joining in!!!

If you are new to the party, this is where many bloggers can link up their favorite crafts, diy, recipes and more posts.  You will find amazing and creative projects, inspiration and DIYs.  This party is also a fantastic way to meet and make some new friends, as well as a great way to get more exposure and traffic to your website. I showcase and share many of your creative ideas on social media,  mostly Pinning and Tweeting your posts; I also share on Facebook!
The party link will be up @ 11 am on Tuesday and runs until Sunday!
 Let's get this party started!

This is our 38th Week since the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday began. Co-Hosting with other bloggers, an opportunity for you to meet and make friends with bloggers from around the world. We are honored!!! One Party (11) Blogs

USA, South Africa, Europe, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Asia and more!!!

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Oh My Heartsie Girl and Co-Hosts, Welcome you to The Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday, Week 38 where we take the opportunity to introduce you to new friends, as they are highlighted in our posts each week. Something new, you can be sure!!

Oh My Heartsie Girls

Wordless Wednesday where we start early ❢❢ We look forward to your recipes, reviews, diy crafts, gardening hints, travel, beauty ideas, jewelry you make, a card you have made and Linky Parties, we want to see it all!

And if you Missed Last Weeks Party You Can Still Check Out All Those That Linked up along with our Co-Hosts and their wonderful Blogs!!! :❢:❢ You Can See All The Entries Here :❢:❢
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Oh My Heartsie Girl 7-19
♥Karren-Host //Oh My Heartsie Girl // Red Velvet Icebox Cake // Homemade red velvet wafers and cinnamon-flecked whipped cream make this red velvet recipe perfect for overachieving icebox cake-makers. Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram
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Natalee In The City 7-19
♥Natalie /Natalee In The City // Weightloss-Update // Over the last few months I've been on a real health kick I set myself a goal to loose 42 lb by June and I'm pleased to say I'm almost there... It hasnt been easy and to many times I've almost given in to temptation but somehow managed to plow on through and keep to my goal of a 42 lb loss byJune just in time for our summer vacation.
Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram
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Simply Wright 7-19 
♥Co-Host Ashleigh // Simply Wright // Saturday In Amsterdam // Follow along with me as I visited Amsterdam during my Summer vacation in Europe!
Facebook | Google + | Pinterest | Instagram | Bloglovin
Divider 989321gyey13hzitCherishing A Sweet Life #OMHGWW 7-19
♥Co-Host Christine // Cherishing A Sweet Life //Easy Blackberry-Cinnamon Cobbler //Taking fresh picked blackberries, (or buying them on sale in the produce aisle), and making this easy Summer dessert Blackberry-Cinnamon Cobbler!
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 989321gyey13hzit
Couponin Diva 7-19
♥Co-Host Fredda // Coupon Diva // Letting Go Of The Clutter // It can be really hard to get rid of the clutter but with these simple organizing tips you will be able to free yourself of the clutter that is holding you back
Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | YouTube
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Mommies Point of View 7-19 
♥Co-Host Glenda Cates // Mommies Point of Review //Italian Cream Cake // Wednesday Blessing for everyone and a little slice of Italian Cream Cake to make the day a little smoother. Enjoy it with your favorite beverage. As Charlie and I will be having a glass of milk with our slice. What will you have?
Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest |Instagram
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Susan B Mead 7-19
Co-Host Susan B Mead // Susan B Mead // Nothing Holding Me Back I'm gonna... EXCEPT... Nothing holding me back EXCEPT MYSELF!
Twitter | Facebook
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From Evija With Love 7-19
Co-Host Evija Roberts // From Evija with Love // My Upcycled Competition Entry - Bright and Beautiful // This is the first time I attempted hand painting a piece of furniture and first time I used such bright colours. I must admit I am now hooked!!"
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram
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The Fabulous Journey #OMHGWW 7-19
♥Co-Host Shellie Bowdoin // The FABulous Journey // How To Lose Weight When You Sit All Day// It can be really frustrating to consider losing weight or getting fit when you have to sit all day at the job! Here are some tips for making exercise and weight loss possible, even at work.
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest |Instagram
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Two Chicks and A Mom 7-19
♥Co-Host Donna Wirthlin // Two Chicks And A Mom // Holiday Gift Bags--Christmas in July //Create a gift that is a gift in itself! Make a personalized gift bag for weddings, holidays, birthdays, etc.
Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram
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The Whole Serving 7-19
♥Co-Host Celeste Meredith // The Whole Serving // Chili Chocolate Bark //Smooth dark chocolate with a crunch of cashew, dried coconut and a hint of heat from hot chili oil, every bite will leave you wanting more.
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+| Facebook | Pinterest
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What Was Your Favorite Feature This Week?

Best Picks from last weeks party
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Dedicated House || Features of The Week
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Repurposed 4 Life | Refinished Old Chest
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Priceless Products Reviews Giveaways and Freebies || Minion Cups with Yellow Chocolate
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Sumptious Spoonfuls || Mini Chocolate Cheesecake Cookie Cups
Snippets of Inspiration 15-ways-to-keep-a-balance-7-19
Snippets of Inspiration || 15 Ways to Keep a Balance Between Work & Life
Nancy On The Home Front
Nancy On The Home Front || Enjoying July
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Lovely Living Things-summer-on-the-porch 7-19
Lovely Living Things || Summer On The Porch
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Thank you, Karren

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