Monday, July 6, 2015

Our 4th of July Weekend : Visiting Prescott Part 3

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a blast this long holiday weekend! We enjoyed not only a relaxing weekend, but I feel really refreshed. The month of July is a busy one for us, so I am all recharged and ready to tackle it! I am saving the weekly photo post and combing two weeks worth next Monday and sharing only with you our weekend 4th of July post, so it may or maynot be a photo heavy post for some of you! You can catch up with my weekly photos over at Instagram, if you like and follow along!

First, a couple of exciting things happened this past weekend, in addition to having a fun weekend getaway! If you haven't had one yet (or maybe you know what I am talking about), apparently there is one post, that you really don't think would ever catch anyone's attention, and that one day it just explodes, almost like a one hit wonder! That's what it felt like for me with my DIY Faux Patina flower pot! I snuck in some computer time, while everyone was enjoying a nice afternoon nap, and as I scrolled down my phone, I saw my photo featured over at Courtney's. A blog I have followed for years, she's given me inspiration not only with all her romantic and beautiful photos, but her writing; that is not only relaxing, but  very endearing! This is my way of sending out a special thank you to her! Also, I checked when I got home last night, because when I checked my stats I was getting a lot of traffic from HomeTalk. If anyone checks it out, and posts something, come find me and I'll follow! My little flower pot, received 428 pins to Pinterest, and over 18,000 views. To tell the truth, I am blown away! Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was any different than any of my other posts!

Second, if any of the ten of you that follow my blog noticed on my side bar a blog, that has been there since I started back blogging almost a year ago (I can't believe it), this weekend, I noticed was updated this weekend! Kailani from an Island Life, is my very first and dearest bloggy friend! She's the sweetest and kindest, mother, flight attendant, blogger I know. She's from Hawaii, and shares the most beautiful photos of her travels and of her family! It's a pleasure to have her back blogging! Go over and Stop by to say Hi to her! On a side note, I had the same feeling when I came back blogging, asking the question where are the memes at?? Thank goodness, Wordless Wednesday is still around!

An Island Life

I'll start with our weekend! It's funny, when I think I've planned things perfectly, in reality my plans aren't as perfect as I think they are. We left to go up North on Thursday morning. I had a few errands in Phoenix to run before, we got on the road, but I thought I'd have smooth sailing. It looks like so did the other 40,000 travelers that were on the road. I never imagined there would be that much traffic the day before a long holiday weekend, but there were so many cars! Ugh! I guess the saying holds true, Great minds, think alike!! =( Too bad I didn't see the news or factor in the low price of gas as being the reason for the increased number of people traveling this year!

When we got up to Prescott, it was like a breath of fresh air. Monsoon season had started up there, so we enjoyed even cooler temperatures. We decided to eat dinner out on my mother's back patio. Took in all the beautiful scenery; the sunset, the hummingbirds, the quail taking a bath and eating! Towards the end of dinner, a little thunder and lightening show, but not very much rain!

The next morning, we had breakfast at the Prescott Junction, what was once a franchised JB's, and is now remodeled , under the same management, but now they are no longer under a corporation! They've been in business for twenty years, I hope to enjoy their food for the next twenty! They have an amazing buffet, but I ordered the Eggs Benedict, which the poached eggs were cooked perfectly!

After breakfast we took a walk down by the town square! The girls enjoyed it so much because everyone walks their dogs, and they are all always so cute and friendly! There were some of the same artisans booths from last year, and some new ones. Several of my favorites, included a woman who glammed up vintage teapots and silver forks, spoons, and knives into charming wind chimes. They are absolutely beautiful. This was Katelyn's favorite a rainbow tree, and I want to check into Rustic Ranch Coolers, fit perfectly here in the Southwest!


Later, when my mom and Lindsay wanted to take an afternoon nap, me and Katelyn hiked close to my mom's house, by Glassford Hill. It was still very warm out, we didn't get too far, but had a blast climbing rocks, we saw a squirrel snacking under an old pine tree, and I enjoyed looking at all the lovely wildflowers along the trail!


It was a windy afternoon, there were a few photos of wild Queen's Ann lace I wanted to share, but it came out a little blurry! So I'll share with you my mother's front yard!

For Fourth of July, we sat an enjoyed a Potluck picnic with the rest of my family who came up from the Valley. Lindsay had a blast blowing bubbles at my nephew who actually took his very first steps the morning before they came up. So he had fun taking a few more to show all of us! We all enjoyed intermittent showers, as the rain came and went all afternoon! The kids were all running and playing in the rain. It was so cool!

Later that night, my mom, the girls and I went up to a park not too far from my mother's house to watch the fireworks show! The next morning, I stopped by to visit my grandmother before heading home, and another unexpected moment, she gifted me with one of my great-grandmother's chairs, I am seeing possibly gold paint and pretty cream/linen fabric. This will be my first furniture upholstering job! Not sure how this will turn out! I don't know, the orange color is actually growing on me! Hehehe!

My great-grandfather is the older child.

Then she told me that she received a letter from her nephew's daughter, who didn't have a picture of her grandmother, my grandmother's sister. My grandmother showed me old black and white photos of her family and of her father, my great-grandfather, a side of the family I never knew, because they are from Germany, that my grandmother is now interested in finding out if she has family still over there! My grandfather's sister found him after 50 years, by looking into genealogical records, and we found out he was adopted! It does really interest me to find out if she does still have family over there!

I enjoyed spending time with my family, but it was time to get back home! I knew the monsoons had come to Maricopa, the moment I got back, it was so humid and so sticky, and I was so happy to be home, to see my husband and sleep in my own bed!


Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Until Next Time! xo
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  1. Congratulations on your feature CB! I have noticed recently that your blog is GOING PLACES! Congratulations!!! Beautiful sky picture and I look forward to seeing your chair project - what a gem.
    - LL

    1. Thank you, LL! It came as a complete surprise to me! The chair is still in great condition! I love the tufts, just not crazy about the color, like I said it's growing on me!

  2. 18,000 views?! That is awesome! It is always fun to see which posts get traction. Sometimes I'll write one that I think is really good and it goes nowhere, then one will catch you by surprise! I think that element of surprise is one of the best parts about it (besides making bloggy friends of course!)
    It sounds like you had a fun weekend, the chair is cool and the family history/mystery is even cooler!

    1. Thank you, Carlee! It was all over at HomeTalk, but I did notice some traffic that came here! It really did surprise me! I agree, the best part about blogging is the community!

  3. Congratulations on all the attention! That's so great and I'm so happy for you!

    I kept my eye out to see if we'd run into each other, but now I know why we didn't. I was only downtown for the day and went home for the fireworks. It sounds like you had a great time :)

    Love that chair and I wouldn't change a thing ;)


    1. Thank you, Rue! We kept an eye out for you and Bubba too! I knew you wouldn't change the chair! ;)

  4. Girl, I think it all so very awesome!! The views for your post, the pots that are adorable, the feature, the trip, the photos, time with your family and that chair!! OMGosh...that chair!! What a treasure! So glad you are home safe and sound and had a wonderful visit with your family! Hugs!!