Monday, November 30, 2015

Homemade Holidays

I love holiday shopping. The decorations, the buzz in the air, the required pit stops for cocoa — it all serves to put me in the mood for sharing presents with my loved ones! And once the crowds get to be a bit too much for me, I head home to my kitchen and really get to work on the gift-giving season.
You see, one of my favorite things is to give DIY Chirstmas gifts, especially the homemade and edible variety. I like to personalize them to my friends’ taste preferences (last year I gave one cookie-dough fanatic a tub of egg-free dough) and try new things to keep it interesting for everyone involved.
Making gifts from the kitchen is extra-special because you took the time to craft something just for them! It doesn’t matter how easy it is; from cookie mixes to soft caramels, your recipients will be thinking of your tasty treats long after the wrapping paper has been hauled to the curb.

First on my list this year? This delectable Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, a better-for-you version of that popular spread. Learn how with this short video. 

Edible Homemade Happiness
  • Tie up bundles of baked goods with holiday ribbon, or add a cheerful scrap of fabric screwed onto to canning jar lids.
  • Use our printable gift tags!
  • Keep a stash of gifts handy for unexpected guests or last-minute party invitations. Items that last longer, like jams or flavored salts, are ideal, just in case you don’t give them out!
  • Have a gift-making party where you and your friends create multiple kinds of homemade gifts. Split projects between attendees, and let everyone take home a few of each kind for maximum gift-giving potential!
  • Be sure to list ingredients and note if the gift is appropriate for those who are vegan, gluten free or nut free. Keeping the special diet gifts separate will help!
  • Let your recipient know if there is a “best by” date. Homemade vanilla sugar lasts forever, but chocolate-covered fruits don’t!
Here are just a few of my favorite homemade gifts from the kitchen.
Get more recipes for gifts from the kitchen and find inspiration in our online holiday guide.

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  1. I love homemade gifts for Christmas or any other occasion!! I think they are just so wonderful and they mean so much to me! And that Chocolate Hazelnut Spread....YUM!!! I'm going to check out the other recipes also! Hugs!!