Friday, April 10, 2015

One Room Challenge Spring 2015 : Great Room Coastal Charm

Coastal Charm

Welcome to the second week of the One Room Challenge! Here is a look at my Week One!

 Today I am sharing a mood board for my Coastal Charm Great room.
At the front door entrance, I'd like a jute accent rug/ runner, and then either one long runner rug from the front door to the kitchen/living room or two smaller ones, most likely in a solid medium blue color.
I have been also looking at area rugs, and I really like this nuLoom from Overstock
(in my mood board) the best.

I also found a Better Homes and Garden one at Walmart, that I think would go good, as well.

Right now, I am working on chalk painting some end tables that my sister in law gave me. Sneak peek coming soon.

Lately, I have this obsession with botanical prints; tulips, seashells/other oceanic life, vintage flowers, and wild life, especially blue herons.  For gallery walls, I would like to have one for family, and one for coastal, and one wall for the botanical prints; I am having a hard time making up my mind.

Other décor items, such as hydrangeas, coastal candle holders, sea horses, rope wrapped lanterns, and I really would like a rustic clock behind the couch, are on my list too.

Today I am going fabric shopping for pillows and drapes.
 These fabrics from Lewis and Sheron gave me inspiration, in what I wanted to look for.


                                                        Kai                                      Keyhole    

Right now my husband and I are, (and if you are living with someone, you know how this goes), we are moving, next weekend, and my husband and I are discussing which couch/sofa, goes where. I would like our light tan leather couch in the Great room, my husband wants this light plum couch (it is a pretty shade of purple) in the Great room, and the leather couch in the Living room, because it is the most comfortable for him to watch his big screen tv. Which way will it go? If the purple couch goes in the great room, I am going to have to make/buy slipcovers.

Another fun thing about my husband, he is a cabinet/ wood craftsman, and he works with designers. You should hear what he wants to do to our kitchen. That's for another post.
He was checking out what I was looking at on Craigslist, and I really would like a Teak coffee table. As we were looking at them together, he could tell which ones were solid teak, and which ones had teak veneer. He's a keeper! We were laughing because, I asked him to make one for me, and he said I would have to wait, until after June, because he's booked solid; like I was a client. Long story short, I'd rather buy one now, have him do our cabinets, and then make me a coffee table.

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Until next time!
xo Christine


  1. This is going to be just beautiful, Christine! I love the colors (blue happens to be my personal favorite colors of all time!) Looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Just catching up on your ORC. Great inspiration pictures last week. I love your ideas.