Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Week in CASL Photos: February 12- February 18

I am so glad you stopped by to visit me today! What I love about Wednesday is that I get to share with you a peek into what my week has been like, and possibly a sneak peek to what next week will bring. I've tried 365 Photo or Daily photo memes several times before, and surprisingly, I am getting farther posting my photos once a week, instead of once a day. It makes a big difference, and it's really nice to look back and see a slice of my day!

February 12- Pointy- How does that saying go again? "All we need is LOVE!!" When I think of pointy this time of year, I think of Cupid's Arrows!

February 13- What tempts me...Chocolate gets me every time!! I've even dedicated a full board on There is a lot to be said about planning your blog posts. Not that I've been procrastinating, well maybe a little. Truth be told I am all chocolate out! I didn't think I could say it, but there it is..Seriously...I had a post planned for brownies, but with the cake I made for Lindsay's birthday, (which is the post I should have written, and I do have a picture of that), and the mountain of chocolate for Valentine's Day, I couldn't look or eat anymore chocolate! With that my post is coming, since I ran out of chocolate last night! It did help me realize to become better at planning out my posts. Does anyone else plan out their posts in advance, or do you post when you feel inspired?

February 14- LOVE- Me and my husband about two years ago in Vegas!
Every Valentine's Day my hunny gifts me with Yellow roses, because they are my favorite, and since we are high school sweethearts, the first time he gave me yellow roses, for friendship. I think he didn't want to scare me off, with red roses. He is my best friend, so it always seemed perfect for me and, it's lasted ever since. This year he surprised with another one of my favorites peach orchids.
February 15- Spot...I spotted this giraffe at Home Goods the other day!
What I was really looking for were some new candle stands and coastal décor, like these!
 February 16- Where I stand... After Home Goods, I stopped by my favorite used bookstore to pick up my favorite magazines and a cook book or two. Can anyone else get lost in a used book store like me for hours?
February 17- Routine- My morning routine... A cup of coffee in my favorite DIY Watercolor mug (that just happens to be my #1 on Pinterest) and a Triple Berry Smoothie today! Both help jumpstart my morning for this busy momma of 4! You can find more smoothie recipes on my
February 18...Bedside...Teatime reading my new magazines. The quote on the teatag reads
"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one."- Brad Paisley
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  1. Wow...Vegas for Valentine's Day a couple years ago? I adore yellow roses too.