Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Monday! Thoughts of Spring and the Color Purple

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! It wasn't too busy of a weekend, just doing fun little things! We worked on two small Spring crafts, planted tomato seeds, picked up a couple new pillows for my couch, and got hair cuts. The weather has been pretty nice lately pushing 80F, except for this weekend, winter tried to push back spring with a cold chill and threat of rain. So I'm sitting here drinking my tea, dreaming of Spring!

1. Lilacs

via Country Living: 6 Ways to bring luck to your home
Besides being beautiful, fresh flowers are good luck in your home! I love lilacs. My grandmother has several in her back yard that I am thinking about taking several cuttings and try propagating them this spring!

2. Plum, amethyst, violet, lavender, lilac
While I admit, purple is not one of my favorite colors, I do love how rich, warm and dramatic of a color it is. It is so versatile, from the softest lavender to the brightest violet. Finding all the shades of purple lovely,  I could easily make purple work in my home.
For my living room, I would love to mix the jeweled tones of purple and turquoise.
3. Lavender
Lavender is one thing I don't have a problem growing here in Arizona. One tiny plant can overgrow my garden bed in a year without very little water. For this reason, and many more, for instance it's medicinal properties, the calming effect it has, and  you can bake and craft with lavender, making it one of my all time favorite plants.
4.  Amethyst
I can almost feel the spring breeze and smell the fresh air, sitting outdoors on a veranda. Love this monochromatic tablescape in amethyst, from the palest shade of amethyst of the tablecloth to the deepest and brightest shade of the calla lilies and every shade in between with the glassware and vases. Absolutely superb!
5. Blackberry
My daughter and I were talking about berries yesterday. She heard that berries help protect us from cancer with their antioxidants.
The things these children are learning at school, amazes me! Wish I was taught that at school, we just knew to ear our fruits and vegetables. 
Since she's allergic to raspberries, she asked me what other berries I liked besides strawberries and I told her I like Blueberries and Blackberries in my smoothies. Aside from foods, I never gave Blackberry a thought about being a shade of purple,  I love to find new inspiration.
Again, I love this color pallet, with the jewel tone clors of the kitchen bowls.
Aside from my love of roses, this flower arrangement reminds me that
 "No winter lasts forever, and No Spring skips it's turn!" ~ Hal Berland

Wishing you all a great week! Until next time!

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