Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Busy & Exciting weekend and Hi I'm Christine, these 10 Things make me Smile!

Happy day after Monday! Oh my goodness, what a busy weekend that was! Wow! These two words, come to mind today; "Just Breathe"! What I liked it was a good kind of busy, the kind of busy that keeps your day full! The most exciting part of my weekend, was spending three of the most amazing hours with my oldest daughter who came to visit for Spring break from Washington State. Her and four of her girlfriends took a whirlwind trip that started last Sunday; (she let me know she got home safely about midnight last night). They did pretty much about everything they set out to do, but before my daughter left, she found out she wouldn't be able to hike in Sedona. They saw the Grand Canyon and the Redwoods. Had Sushi Burritos in San Francisco, enjoyed Palm Springs and somewhere off the coast of Oregon. Finally, they spent the weekend enjoying a music festival here in Phoenix. All of that just made me exhausted thinking about it. She had fun and it was wonderful to visit with her and her friends, and sat down with a nice lunch!
Then Saturday, Lindsay and I had fun at the Salsa Festival here in town, not too far from where we live, so we just walked! We enjoyed some fair food. Lindsay had her first taste of funnel cake, and a bacon wrapped corn dog! Then I had the daunting task to vote for the Best Overall Salsa at the Festival!
This year for Best Overall Salsa, I chose...
Los Muertos Salsa
You can find them here on Facebook!
It had an amazing smoky flavor, that was hot ( I got the hot), there were 3 kinds; mild, hot, and
mouth on flames HOT! What I liked best, is that it didn't have that real tomato taste. It was just full of flavor and all of the flavors were balanced and blended nicely together.
I am not sure if it was the heat (It was 94F.); both of us tried to stay well hydrated, or if it was just a bug going around, but both Katelyn and Lindsay took turns getting sick; Heat exhaustion, I don't know. Katelyn didn't have a fever, but Lindsay did. So unfortunately we had to postpone Katelyn's skate party for another weekend. Oh, and we did not get the keys to our new house, but we did sign papers yesterday, so keeping my fingers crossed we get the keys later today!
Now I am just trying to play catch up! I do have a post for you, I'll try to have it up sometime today, if not by Thursday. It is of one thing that makes me smile, that I just recently discovered, and it is made with this ingredient; Fresh Strawberries.
Hi, My name is Christine! Since starting a fresh start with this blog in September last year, there have definitely been a few changes, and I have learned a few new things, since I left blogging back in 2007.  I am a wife to the an amazing husband, and mother to four fantastic children. My oldest daughter Marissa, moved to Washington State with plans to attend Western University. Then there is my son Joshua, who is 14, and my youngest daughters, Katelyn 11, and Lindsay 8, keep me smiling and laughing, not to mention exhuasted and needing power naps daily! We also have 3 Huskies, Zelda, Buddy and Luna, and two cats, Ruby and Naomi. My favorite past times are photography, cooking, and all things having to do with the outdoors and nature. I also love to find things that are beautiful, magical, and inspirational. This blog may take more of a Coastal Cottage feel, because my soul feels drawn very strongly to the beach, but I live in Arizona.....Haha, lots of sand, not so much surf!! On a brighter note I still have family in California, which I visit at least once a year.
We just bought a house here, that I am going to be renovating and redecorating. The house looks wonderful, there are just a few improvements I'd like to do. We should be getting the keys today, but definitely tomorrow. More updates to follow.
Last year I graduated from Mesa Community College with an Associates in Nutrition. Possibly one day I will enroll at ASU, or find other roads to a few opportunities before me, just taking small steps right now. I am enjoying staying home with the family. I've seen both sides of the coin, when it comes to being a SAHM and a working mom, and I'll save my opinion for another post.
Which leads me to my new cozy corner of the blogosphere, here in one of my new all time favorite passions, as a Life Style Blogger. Here I plan to share my favorite Home and Garden related posts, from healthy recipes, DIY crafts and other inspirations, my love of Floral arranging and Gardening, as well as plans to share my favorite tips for Decorating and Entertaining.
You can find out more About Me here.
Here is a quick list of 10 Things that make me Smile
1. My family and my friends
2. Roses- My favorite are Yellow Roses.
3. Tulips
4. Chocolate (especially Reese's and Cadbury eggs)
5. Cherry Blossoms
6. The Beach- I love to watch the waves crashing on the shore, to smell the salty air, and to feel the sand between my toes.
7. The color Turquoise
8. Lemons and Citrus (Oranges and limes too)
9. SeaShells
10. and Books/ Magazines any reading material I can get my hands on

Thank you for visiting! Until next time! Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like you had a great visit with your oldest daughter. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Thank you for joining up with my challenge. I hope you will continue to join in so I can continue getting to know you better.

  3. The strawberries and salsa look wonderful! Salsa is just one of those wonderful foods that goes with anything or any meal! I love their quote "where chips go to die". That is so cute!! And I'm with you on the books!! Also, when I had my photography studio back in Alabama, it was called A Sweet Life. :-) Have a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend!