Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hello Spring! Chocolate and Roses!

Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful Spring day here! Believe it or not, we had a rainy day or two last week, and my roses exploded overnight, I had to prune them yesterday, because they were overly full of blooms and leaves! It made me sad to trim away some of the buds off, but my mother said my rosebushes would forgive me, and give bigger more healthy roses, in the long run, it was better for the rosebush!

One would guess, that as much as I love roses, I should be some kind of expert by now. With a mother and great grandmother who adored roses, and have grown them their entire lives, I've really only just begun to enjoy growing them, although I have admired their beauty since I could toddle down my mother's garden paths.
This crimson red layered rose, which turns a reddish pink in the center, I am gathering it is an English rose, not sure if it's a David Austin rose, since the one David Austin rose, that resembles this one is Sophy's Rose, except Sophy's rose has elongated leaves and looks a little more pinkish. With the help of Hartwood Roses, I took a cutting of this rose, and transplanted, hoping it will take root and I can plant it at the new house. Then somewhere down the line, I can find out what it's name is! Anyone have any guesses?

This is the second of the three rosebushes I have in my yard, it is definitely a Tea Rose, and I know my mom had this one in her garden. It's sweet smelling fragrance can fill up my whole down stairs with only two or three roses. This photo shows, this Hybrid Tea rose to be more red; in real life it's a medium to deep pink! The one that reminds me most of my mother's would be Perfume Delight!

We did our walk through yesterday, and hopefully if all the paperwork goes through we can start moving into the new house sometime next week! Whoo-Hoo!

For your reading pleasure here are a few links, I thought you'd enjoy as much as I did.

Berkus's 9 Tips For Living More Luxuriously on a Budget. My favorite, is taking a grocery store bouquet and spreading the flowers out throughout the house.

11 Foods Nutritionists Always Keep in their Refrigerators. You would find 10 out of the 11 things in mine. When my daughter gets here next weekend, I'll have 11, in fact she insisted I have some!

Speaking of eating healthy, if you love smoothies as much as I do, then here are a couple of Healthy Chocolate smoothies, here and here.

With Summer quickly approaching, it's flip-flop, sandals season here in Arizona, I thought this was a brilliant ida. DIY- Crystal embellished sandals.

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful weeked! Until next time! xo Christine

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