Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Follow 22: The Fab Four

Happy almost weekend! Hope your week has been going well! This week has been full of end of the year events for the girls' school. Lindsay had a Cinco de Mayo party, there is a talent show to get ready for, and today I'm off to see a play about Pirates and Princesses in Lindsay's class. Then tomorrow it's up to Prescott to visit my family for Mother's Day and to celebrate my Grandmother's Birthday; she will be 88. Looking forward to this visit as my family from California, is also going to be there, and it's been about 2 years since I've seen them last!

I'm doing something a little different today. A couple days ago, as I am watching the girls play outside, I looked down at a page in a magazine, and it was featuring 4 different types of blogs, gardening, cooking/baking, decorating/style, and crafting. That is what I have been trying to attempt to bring the most inspiration to you, and I knew I was missing something. With my past Friday Follows, they have been mostly about decorating, with a few DIYs and Baking thrown in, but I wanted to showcase more of what I think you would love.

I am always reminded how the little things can be just as, or even more important than the bigger qualities. In a blog, the most important quality that grabs me at first are the photographs, then the writing.  There are times, when a simple thing, such as a tag line, pulls me in or a blog title. I simply love her tagline and that she dedicates part of her blog to cooking with children.

Gaby Burger's blog is one of the first blogs, I started reading. I think it's her photography that drew me in. She posts about not just out fits, but DIYs and Cooking too.
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Growing up, I always admired my Great-Grandmother, and her two sisters, they had a real passion for embroidery! If I find some of their pieces this weekend at my grandmother's, I will share them with you. Karen Barbe, brought those memories back to me! I can see her passion for creating these artisanal piece works. She also has a good tip for creating photo collages on Instagram!
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I have bookmarked, because it has everything you ever wanted to know about gardening. From seed starting, to orchids, to his favorite bulbs, to fruit trees and berries, this blog is an amazing resource for all of your gardening answers and inspiration.
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Have a lovely weekend! Until next time!

xo Christine 

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