Monday, August 17, 2015

A Week in CASL photos: August 10th- August 16th

Happy Monday! Hope you all had relaxing weekends! I enjoyed mine yesterday, doing one of the things I love best, besides spending time with my family, is reading. When I was younger, I was very much like my father, and always had a book in my hand. I took the girls to a second hand bookstore, and while they browsed the children and young adult or pre-teen section, I browsed through the magazines, and it amazes me to find new editions, that someone just turns in, that still have their cover on them. I can scoop these up, half off.

There is a sitting chair, just outside the children's section, where I settled myself in to get some reading time in. My pre-teen daughter, got a little sassy with me, and told me that I wasn't really reading, that they were just magazines.

It struck me, that while there is some truth to it, there is a level of difference between content articles, and fictional novels, and at the same time, there can be a ton of information to be found in magazines. I'm still reading words, but to her reading, and for me as well, would pull us into them. I found through the years raising my children, that I didn't have the time I used to spend reading a book, and I guess you could say I got frustrated when I HAD to put a book down, because there were more pressing matters to attend too, like cooking and folding laundry, shopping, and mopping floors. I agree, an hour of quiet time, could be fit in at some point of my day, but by the end of the day, I found that I would either read the same sentence over twenty times, or I couldn't even keep my eyes open to read one single word.

That was until I thumbed through my first magazine. Not just for all the gorgeous photography, but the colors and stories about travel destinations, world renowned gardens and restuarants, recipes from Fine Dining chefs, or even reading simple life hacks. Hey I've got to save some time some where!!Where am I going with this, you may ask? Well I'll tell you! My intentions, on writing this blog, are not the same as I had for my other blog, which was to share my experiences in not only motherhood, but taking care of my son with special needs, and to connect with other mothers as well. In a way, I started writing this blog, to share with anyone who took the time to come visit me, to offer, just what I was looking for.....Inspiration, and that same connection with bloggy friends!

Would you believe me, if I told you, besides magazines, I search Pinterest and all of your lovely blogs, just to figure out the answer to that old question....Hmmmm....What's going to be for dinner tonight, or what should I make for the perfect dessert to take to a family get together or birthday party, etc.. And then I see your posts, and once again I am thankful for this awesome blogging community!! A heartfelt Thank you to all of you for not only for taking the time to visit me, but your comments as well.

Normally, I would have written a separate post for the beginning of this one, but I thought it tied in with what's going on in my week, and so I just combined the two.

What I like about doing a Photo365, is that I get to share with you a peek into what my week has been like, and possibly a sneak peek to what next week will bring. I've tried 365 Photo or Daily photo memes several times before, and surprisingly, I am getting farther posting my photos once a week, instead of once a day. It makes a big difference, and it's really nice to look back and see a slice of my day!
News...It's looking like Fall! Fall magazines are out on the news stands!
Aren't these ceramic bowls gorgeous?!
Perfect...What could be more perfect to start the day, then fresh homemade blueberry muffins and a cup of tea?!

Technology....It's funny to think, that I grew up in a time, with recorders and land lines, that if anyone needed to reach my family, they could just leave a message. Now I carry my phone everywhere with me, and I feel so lost with out it! On the positive, I never get lost anymore with GPS, and I always have a camera readily available!

Beautiful....I have always found Stargazer Lilies to be the most beautiful of all the Lilies!
Shadows...My two girls side by side...
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Here's to an amazingly fun week!
Until next time!


  1. I don't have much time to read much anymore either, but do love flipping through and articles ( I can stay awake for that ). Have a fabulous week CB!

  2. Love the shadows photo...hope you are framing it up!! Hugs!!

  3. I used to read ALL the time, until I had kids. You're right... it was just too frustrating to keep having to put it down or read the same sentence over and over. I really need to get back into it, now that they've grown up. You've inspired me :)