Saturday, August 1, 2015

Five Favorite Things

Happy Weekend! It's another busy weekend around here, finishing up with Back to School! I am not quite ready to give up the lazy relaxing days of Summer. This year, I am with the children, I think one more week of Summer Vacation is in order. Last night we finally got our monsoon. I didn't get to finish painting Katelyn's dresser, but we needed the rain so much more! Here are Five Things that have been on my mind this week!

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Back To School- I've started a  Back to School Pinterest Board if  you are looking for Inspiring Back to School Ideas, from lunches, to organizing back packs to things  you can buy at the $1 Store!

It's *almost* Fall Y'all

Are you thinking of Fall yet? It is hard for me to believe it is August already! With Back to School starting Monday, and a few posts about Fall have caught my attention, to tell you the truth, I'm ready for some cooler temperatures, apples and spice, pumpkins. You'll find these and so much more on my Autumn Bliss Pinterest Board

Peonies and Roses

It being Summer, I haven't been too concerned about my new rose bush. When we left the nursery last week, they took care of the deadheading of the old roses, removing the dead leaves, and pruned it up a little for me. That is until the other day I noticed orange spots on my roses. I found this article helpful on How to take care of Roses in the Hot Weather.

Ironstone & Blush

Another *hint* about my upcoming project! Funny thing happened last night, my husband and I are walking around Walmart , I needed to pick something up for my roses. After leaving the garden center, we are walking through the craft aisles. Another interesting fact about my husband, he can sew, his mother worked in a drapery shop, and she taught him, and yet, he won't sit down to teach me. He'll teach me how to sharpen a knife, but not to use a sewing machine...Moving on...he's looking at sewing machines first, and wanting to know which one I wanted, I told him I wasn't ready for that commitment or disappointment of buying another sewing machine, and getting frustrated and it just sitting not getting used, but I am needing a new camera, as the last couple posts, my photos have starting looking a little grainy! Back on topic, I'm picking up my first batch of milk paints today! I am super excited! The colors, Miss Mustard Seed's Ironstone and Tricycle. This is where the funny part comes in....He says, (the master cabinet maker aka my husband) "You know you can mix milk paint colors"...He knew I was looking for a certain shade....and this is why I adore this man...of course I already knew that, but I thanked him for his help, with a little grin!

Green Smoothies

Starting Monday, I will have made a weeks worth of green smoothies. I did this a couple of summers ago, and I loved how it made me feel, I just needed to make it a habit to make a weeks worth of smoothies on Sunday a habit. During the school week, I'd get so busy some days that I'd forget to eat breakfast, and a smoothie really jump starts my day! This is my go to Green Smoothie with Citrus Green tea, Pear, Ginger and Spinach, but I found ways to combine ingredients and customize them to just how you like your smoothies, with these 10 Smoothie Hacks

Wishing you all a fun weekend!
 Until next time! xo


  1. What wonderful ideas! The yellow ball jar is adorable, the tartlet looks scrumptious and I love peonies! Happy Sunday! Hugs!!

  2. Men are so funny. One minute they want to teach you everything and the next they want you to learn yourself. Buy an old Singer. They're much easier!

    I loved that last post about your dad and his skillet.