Saturday, August 15, 2015

Master bedroom Coastal Color Palettes

Happy Saturday! This weekend, is looking like a real fun one over here! With the monsoons, drenching us with much needed rain, I can easily plant my rosebush, which I've been waiting to plant, because the ground has been so rock hard. Back to painting I go!

My husband and I were talking about painting the exterior of our house, because when we bought the house, although the paint isn't that bad,  it's not fresh! The sellers only touched up the areas, that needed it. Starting with our Fall check list, we decided to paint the whole exterior of the house, and start painting one room at a time! We're deciding on either his office, or the Master Bedroom. If you've been reading my little blog, then you know my husband and I don't seem to see eye to eye sometimes. In the Masterbedroom, we have this chocolate brown accent wall, which I really love, and he strongly dislikes it with a passion. We both agree however, that the room it self, ok, the inside of the house has been freshly painted, except it's too dark of a sandy tan, and I like light, not bright white, but when the sun goes down, I have to light a thousand candles that burn like the sun to see anywhere in the house. We have lights, but the color of the room gives off this bad lighting effect that really messes with my eyes. Here's a sample of the two tone colors. The Master bedroom, actually has three shades, one accent wall, two walls are medium, and the third wall is almost as light as I'd like, but it's still too dark.

Have you seen or used Design seeds before?

Design Seeds- Mental Vacation

Two of the walls are painted the 5th color and one wall is painted the 6th!

Design Seeds-Color of the Sea- The 4th color the chocolate brown is our accent wall!

Here are several color pallettes I'm using for Inspiration and
 a couple Coastal Master bedroom Designs, I am using for inspiration, as well!

How serene and peaceful does this look? I love this color pallette the most!

Photo by Erica George Dines via House of Turquoise

This one is a little too white for me and I don't really care for the tile, but I do love the turquoise lamps, the rug, the dreamy light blue wall color, and the accent pillows.

via OUTinDesign

I can not take my eyes off this ceiling. I love the gorgeous color!

via Richard Bubnowski

This one, maybe just a little too white for me, but I love the throw and those shutters!

via Patrick Sutton

I love everything about this room, except the hanging canoe!
 I'm pretty sure, I have this fear of it falling on top of me!

via DonnaElle

This one is my favorite, although it is also too white, I love the chandelier, and the pale blue through out. And that view! I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning! 
Which one of do you like the best?

Have a beautiful weekend!
Until next time!


  1. I like the third room the best, but it's too white for me as well. I have to say though that I'd never go dark in the dessert. I think houses there need lightness and brightness.

    Yes, we've been having monsoon like weather up here too. It's been nice in the low 80s, but now we're having another heatwave and it's supposed to be in the high 90s until Monday... yuck!

    Bring on FALL! lol


  2. All of those colors are gorgeous and I love the coastal palette. And I thought I had colors decided for the new house...guess it's back to the drawing board. I will be checking out Design Seeds...LOL. Hugs!!

  3. I love the third room as well! Some more color would be nice, but I like that blue gray and I LOVE the feel.