Thursday, October 15, 2015

Miss Kate's Tween Bedroom Makeover #OneRoomChallenge -Week 2

Happy Day before Friday! My how the week does fly! Not only are we half way through October, but it's already Week 2 of the 6 Week One Room Challenge. Last week, I shared some inspiration that my almost thirteen year old daughter has for her room. This week, we are taking it one step further and narrowing down some of her ideas.

We both decided that she loves the color of the walls, but she wants an accent wall, where her daybed is to make it more dramatic. She really likes the color of the accent wall, we have in the Master Bedroom, since it was already painted when we moved in, I am not sure what the color is, so I picked out two colors to match it and see which one she liked the most.

                                                                 Bittersweet Chocolate
Chocolate Truffle

The choices she had to pick from were, either Benjamin Moore's Chocolate Truffle {my choice} or Bittersweet Chocolate{her choice}! We are still deciding! Either way she can't go wrong with Chocolate, she's her mother's daughter!

Next on her list were Honey Comb shelves. She still hasn't quite decided which idea she likes better;
 Staggered in several bold fun colors, via Adairs

or Straight, in several ombre colors 
like this one from Vintage Revivals

I'm leaning towards the ombre honeycomb, just on a smaller scale, and more shelf like.

Then also for this week, we were discussing her Chinese Lanterns that she wanted 'Cherry Blossoms', which I absolutely love the idea. This inspiration is from IKEA Hackers. She'll be painting and helping either use faux cherry blossoms, or if time permits, we can make paper cherry blossoms.

Here is how the next 4 weeks are looking like.

Week 3- Paint wall, and make Honey Comb shelves, Pick out Bedding
Week 4- Make Paper Cherry Blossoms, Find Desk, Organize Closet
Week 5- Hang Honey Comb shelves, lantern, Gallery Wall
Week 6- Final Reveal

There's a ton to do, and the pressure is on! I can tell you my daughter Kate, is a cool, get things done, kind of girl, unlike her mother, who likes to take her time! What a great team we make! =)

Have fun cheering us all on! You can find more inspiration from these very talented 'Linking Participants', and Be sure to check out the Wednesday ORC Participants!

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  1. Ah! Good luck! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I cannot wait to see how the chocolate is making me hungry just thinking about it!! Those shelves are going to be too cute! So, at what point do you get to take over her bedroom for yourself...after all, doesn't the mom need a small retreat occasionally?! Hugs!!