Sunday, October 18, 2015

Weekend Notes: Sedona, Chocolate, and Roses

Happy Weekend! I am so glad you came to visit with me today! How has your weekend been going?! This weekend, I am finishing up with Halloween decorations, and painting Katelyn's room. Last weekend, was a fun filled adventure! There is nothing funner than a three hour tour, that turns into a get lost adventure! Sunday morning, the girls and I headed out on our road trip to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona. Little did we know what a fun adventure we would have! My mom lives in Prescott, so I was imagining an hour or so up to Sedona, have lunch do a little shopping than take the 17 South back to home, but as we all know, well thought out plans rarely go as they are expected to.

{ Snoopy Rock in Sedona, AZ. I took this from a moving vehicle
 with my cell phone, wrong time of day}

It's called Snoopy rock, because the smaller rock formation is reminiscent of when Snoopy is laying on his back on his dog house!
Can you see it??

Here is what a PRO took of the same Rock Formation. 

Snoopy Rock - Sedona

While driving up North in Arizona, I noticed there are a ton more round abouts than I remember. I know it's been ten years or so, since I've been up North, besides visiting family. This is what happened!
I thought I was supposed to take and that I was taking, what was supposed to be 89A, which was a roundabout, and instead I kept on heading North! About an hour later, when I knew I should have passed through Jerome, this thought popped into my mind.

Why haven't we hit Jerome yet, and we shouldn't be headed to Ashfork!

 Ok, that's two thoughts, but I thought we were on the right track! When I realized, we missed our turn, and now had to travel to Flagstaff another hour and a half away to take the 17S or the 179 to Sedona. My three hour trip has now turned into a six hour trip!

Which my youngest daughter, Lindsay replied, "Well, you wanted to take a Roadtrip, Momma!!! I love how she is just a so matter of fact, no nonsense kinda girl!

It turned out fine in the end, a very gorgeous and relaxing roadtrip! If we had come up through Jerome, we wouldn't have seen all the Scenic Views of the Red Rocks. In Flagstaff we saw several deer right off the road. The leaves are changing colors in Oak Creek, but haven't changed all the way, but they were striking none the less. They've changed to yellow, but there were barely any red or orange. In a couple of weeks, it should look something like this.

Now I know where to catch the trail head to hike Oak Creek Canyon, and that my daughter was seriously scared of the switchbacks along the Scenic Route of Oak Creek Canyon.

By the way the weather here in Arizona is absolutely gorgeous. We are enjoying 85F weather, with late afternoon showers. Pure heaven!

Autumn never used to be my favorite season, I've always been a Summer girl. Except for the last couple of years the Summers have been really hard on me here. Not having all four seasons here, in the part of Arizona where I live, I forget that Fall produces some absolutely Gorgeous displays of color; that just 'PoP' with their striking beauty!

I have a confession to make, I love just All Things Pumpkin, but it may come as a surprise, that I don't really care for Pumpin Pie. There is however a special place in my heart for Pumpkin Cheesecake Icecream from Ben and Jerry's

When I got to thinking about it, I haven't had anything with Chocolate and Pumpkin. That is all going to change when I came upon this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Bars! They look amazingly delicious!

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Until next time!
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  1. I've had road trips like that before....LOL Everyone says that all it takes is one wrong turn, and that is so wrong turn does lead us to all sorts of adventures! I can't wait to see the paint color in your daughter's bedroom!! Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs!!