Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pretty in Light Pink

Happy Day before Friday!! This week has been really interesting so far. With this being the last week of school before Spring break, my children already got a  half day on Wednesday, and then they will get another half day on Friday. We spent the other half of yesterday at the dentist. As for plans for the weekend, we still haven't decided on visiting my family up North in Prescott, visiting family in California (which most likely we won't go until Summertime), or spending the weekend in Vegas. I've made great progress on my accent table. Forget the sander, it was taking to long, with all the layers of paint it had on it! I just primed it, and have it painted. Now, I just need to coat it with a clear lacquer to give it some shine! 
When it comes to my favorite colors, shades of blue, aqua and turquoise make the top. Then why am I posting about "Pretty in Pink", you may ask. For me, I think of pink as girly. When really for me pink is romantic, dreamy and enchanting! For today's post, I thought I'd share ways to decorate with light pink, without having the feeling of standing in a bright pepto-bismol pink room! Something classy, subtle and still be pink and pretty!
I absolutely love the French antique textiles of this room Designed by David Hare, who specializes in 18th Century French decoration.
These glasses are the perfect shade of blush pink with a vintage feel!
Fleur-De-Lys Juice glasses by Anthropologie

Living in the Southwest, I am loving the color combination of the blue agaves, the white walls, with this rose pink door. Reminds me of our gorgeous sunsets.
Doesn't this room feel cozy and warm? I love the color combination of the pillow, pale blue and pink! The decorated mantle and the pops of pink roses add just the perfect touch!
Love the crystal knobs and the light pink color of the dresser. Not really liking the lamp shade, but the dresser goes well with the gold mirror and the shabby chic white painted chairs.
Last but not least, one item in my home that I wouldn't care what color or shade of pink it was would be a Kitchen Aid mixer. My mother in law gave me mine for a wedding present 15 years ago, and with all the baking I do, it's finally getting time to replace it. Thinking my next one is going to be a Pretty Pink one! Whatcha think??

Hope you all have a great day! Until next time! xo Christine 


  1. I love a little pink :)

    Before you buy a new mixer, find out how much it'll be to ship it to Kitchen aid. They fix them for free :)

    1. Rue, Thank you, I had no idea. Sincerely my old mixer, is like my best friend, I would feel like I was betraying it if I bought a new one!