Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Week in CASL Photos: January 15th- January 21st

January 15th- Old- It was 10 years ago, I visited this Antique store in Chandler, AZ. Lately, I have this obsession with Shabby Chic distressed dressers. It was fun browsing all the booths, with their collectibles, and antique furnishings. If you are ever in Chandler, look in on Urban Bliss. She has so many lovely things.

January 16th- Nature- Thought this was unusual to have the leaves changing color in January....I guess anything is possible in Arizona.

January 17th- Jump- It has been super nice weather we've been having. Took the girls over to the park after school for a little playtime. It's always fun to swing as high as you can and then Jump!!
January 18th- Today is...Another Valentine's project...Tinted Mod Podge and dollar store items, for a Valentine's Candy Dish.

January 19th- Home made- My husband has been asking since the New Year for an Pineapple Upside Down Cake. After all the fudge, chocolate and baked cookies from Christmas, I really wasn't feeling like anything too sweet. These Pineapple Upside Biscuits were perfect. Slightly sweet, buttery, (because we have to have our biscuits buttery now) and were the perfect sweet treat!

January 20th- Window- Stained glass with sun shining through the window. Part 2 of my Valentine's Craft ideas.

January 21st- In a row- I love citrus this time of year. Lemons and oranges are not only colorful, but Vitamin C is very good for you if you are fighting off a cold or the flu. Dinner last night was Lemon Roasted Chicken with Red Potatoes and Carrots.

With the weather as nice as it's been I was actually able to get out in the garden, pruning my roses and cutting away the dead branches from my dormant bushes. Getting some thoughts together of what I want to plant for the Spring.

Here's to a great rest of the week!! Until next time!

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