Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve / Spinach Pinwheels

Last night, it hit me! It became so clear to me how busy I have been this holiday season, with baking, shopping, wrapping, and crafting, that for the first time in over a month, I could slow down (a little) and really have some fun with my family, to bring in the New Year! 

It's amusing to me, that as my children get older, when they were little, it was hard to keep them up until midnight. Now, they are so excited, they are the ones trying to keep me up by startling me. 

After the decorations are taken down, and put away, at the same point in time I start to destress from the Holidays, my focus starts shifting to planning for next year, but then my daughter gives me a hug and a kiss, brings me back to the moment, where I feel blessed and back to enjoying the evening festivities.

Traditionally I make a couple appetizers, as a family we have a game night, and then watch a movie until midnight.

This year, I made Creamy Shrimp Cocktail Dip,  Spinach Pinwheels, Potato Cheese Soup, and Chili.
We played Clue, and watched How To Train A Dragon2.

The one tip I would give about making these, is use crescentroll dough straight from the fridge. 
Do not allow the drescent roll dough to warm to room temperature. It's harder to work with.

First, thaw the spinach and drain.

I took one roll and divided it in half. Flatten the dough, fixing the perforations.
Spread 1/4 the Brie cheese, and sprinkle with Feta
Top with Spinach and roll lengthwise.

I used a knife, but you could use dental floss, like I did when I cut my cinnamon rolls
From half a roll, I cut 5 Pinwheels.

Bake in  a preheated 375F oven for 10 minutes. 

To toast the New Year, I couldn't make up my mind between a Mimosa, or a Screwdriver, so I actually combined the two. Why Not!! 

1 oz. SKYY BloodOrange Vodka, 2 oz. orange juice, Top with Champagne and orange twist.

What did you make last night?

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