Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine's Day Craft Part 2: Stained Dollar Store Glass Candy Dish

Growing up, when we went to Grandma's house to visit, she would always offer us a piece of candy! My brother and I would get this big smile on our faces and happily picked one piece of sweet candy, unwrapped it as quick as we could to get our sweet. sugary fix!

When I saw this pin for Tinted Mason Jars, I knew I was going to make one of these eventually, that the thought also came to me about tinted glass RED for a Valentine's Candy Dish! It couldn't have been easier to make!! The hardest part was waiting for the Mod Podge to dry!

Gathering my supplies, I needed:
A glass candle stick -$1
A glass bowl- $1
Ribbon from Wallmart- $1
Loctite adhesive, my husband already had handy!
A sponge brush which I forgot to get in the picture 3 for $1
In this pin, it's suggested you tint Mod Podge with food coloring, I'm saving that for my next Spring project, but when I saw this Sheer Tint ModPodge I thought I'd try that, and see which way I liked better.

First, I coated the inside of the glass bowl with the sponge brush. Initially I coated it very lightly, and it didn't have the dramatic stained glass effect I was looking for. Then I poured half the bottle and swirled it around the glass bowl, until it was very well coated. To help with the runoff of excess glue, I turned the glass jar, upside down on an old cake pan I was going to toss anyway. I would use something to place underneath the glass bowl, to let it rest on, to keep from sticking to the cake pan.

After about an hour, when I noticed all of the excess had collected on the cake pan, I preheated my oven to it's very lowest setting about 170F. Carefully I set it upright, with the door to the oven open, I then turned off the oven, to have the heat help dry the glue. Make sure to check that the glass bowl, doesn't get too over heated and crack up on you.
You could also do several coats and wait in between 15-20 minutes for each coat to dry, which I think is safer.
Once the tinted glass bowl is dry, and no longer tacky, I added a dime size of adhesive on the bottom of the bowl, and then set the bowl on top of the glass candlestick.

This is what my Valentine's Stained Glass Candy Dish looked like with the sun shining through it! LOVE the brilliant red color!

After the adhesive dried clear, (it took about an hour), I decorated it with a bow, and of course filled it with Dark Chocolates!

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