Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Week in CASL Photos: January 22nd- January 28th

I am so glad you stopped by to visit me today! What I love about Wednesday is that I get to share with you a peek into what my week has been like, and possibly a sneak peek to what next week will bring. I've tried 365 Photo or Daily photo memes several times before, and surprisingly, I am getting farther posting my photos once a week, instead of once a day. It makes a big difference, and it's really nice to look back and see a slice of my day!

Let's start with Downton Abbey, I don't know where I've been, but I just caught up with all 4 seasons on Youtube (except for two of the Christmas specials). Seriously, now I can watch the new season on PBS and be up to date. To start my week off I give you a couple of my favorite mixed matched fine china plates I have in my collection.

January 22: Collection

January 23: Far Away

Last week, it started warming up, I was working out in the yard pruning bushes, getting ideas on my garden, and then out of the blue it turned chilly and cold again. When I looked up at these clouds, I imagined myself on a beach somewhere Far Away, with my toes in the sand, soaking up all the warm sun.

January 24: Playtime

May I introduce my assistant, isn't she a sweet heart! I don't know who was more excited, me or her to put this IKEA Rast dresser together. She was amazing. I got distracted with a request from her sister, five minutes later, I returned and she had half of it put together allready. What should I expect, she is the daughter of a woodworker. He loves to remember, before she went to kindergarten, I worked Friday mornings so he would take her to his wood shop, and they'd spend the day together.  She did seem to have a lot of fun with the power tools. Start 'em early, so I've been told!

January 25th- Black and White

One of my favorite things that reminds me of my Nana who passed away three years ago, was her copper collection. When I saw this little copper heart cake pan at a flea market for $2, I picked it right up!

January 26th- Three

My three loves. There is a 4th, but she grew up and moved to Washington State. It broke my heart, for her to move away, but just knowing she's happy is all that matters to me. Back to these three, it warms my heart to know they are all really close and love each other. Ok, well most of the time!!

January 27th...Morning

So far this is the only picture I didn't take. My daughter in Washington took this picture. In Arizona, we have the most amazing Sunsets, my husband texted my daughter a picture of a gorgeous Arizona sunset, and she texted him back this incredible Washington Sunrise. 

January 28th.....Strange
Do you think Dark Chocolate and Chili a Strange combination? 
Hmmmm. My husband actually wants me to make THESE Dark Chocolate Chili Truffles!

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