Monday, January 12, 2015

Frest Start/ 5 Random Things

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning.” ~Carl Bard
In years past, I was like everyone, making resolutions, trying so hard to keep them up, that ultimately my drive would dwindle down to nothing, and I would be back to my old ways by February. Then last year, as if the light switched on, it hit me. Not only was I being too hard on myself, the idea of failing, meant the end of my resolution.
Realistically, even goal setting, while it has it good intentions, and may last a little while longer, I faced the fact, that I was ultimately looking to change my bad habits to good ones. After a lifetime of doing something a certain way, it is very hard to expect a change in only a few short days, weeks, even months.
Not to despair, for there is always hope. Instead of telling myself, I will eat healthy this year. I tell myself, everyday, that I will make healthier choices in the foods I am going to eat. Take for instance last year, I had a goal to eliminate Diet sodas, and artificial sweeteners all together, while at the same time, decreasing the amount of sugar I do use.
Not such an easy task. If you read food labels, you will notice sugar is just about in everything. So with my goals in mind, I switched to using either, honey, agave nectar, and even real maple syrup. At Trader Joe's I actually found a combination of agave nectar and maple syrup, that was very reasonably priced.
That was my focus, and it allowed me to learn to make right choices, and when I did use an artificial sweetener or drink diet soda, they didn't appeal to my taste sensors anymore. Have I completely quit drinking diet soda, use artificial sweeteners, or sugar; the answer is for 2014, I did manage to considerably cut down my drinking of Diet soda, and use of artificial sweeteners to mostly once or twice a month, and sugar to only 1 Tbls a day; (my 3 coffee or hot tea cups a day).
My focus for 2015 is to get out and exercise more with my children. My daughter joined a running club at school (she's 8; never too young to start). Honestly I ran cross country in High School, once I graduated, I've tried really hard to stay active, but what I really need to do is to implement some type of physical activity into my schedule.
Whether it's eating better, or exercising more, try not to be too hard on yourself, and to use your resolution as a focus on a greate change for the better, and to a healthier you!
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#1- On dreary days like this weekend and today, my thoughts always turn to the beach. When it's this cold outside, I just want to put my toes in the sand and soak up as much sun as I can.
#2  Valentine's Projects~ I have one started. I asked my daughter if she wanted to see red or pink hearts, She told me RED...and two more ideas, one of which I was inspired today by this post.
#3 Blue Ombre~ Since my trip to Pier One last week, I've been on a mission to pick out colors for a new dresser project ( I know I said my daughter, but I want one too) .
#4 I ordered this rug for our living room...coming soon! Here is one that is similar (affiliate link) !

#5 Bright~ Even on a dreary day today, while my other rose bushes are lying dormant, this rose brightened the day. I'd love to pick it, and take it in the house, instead I'm leaving it so I can look at it's beauty, and thinking of other ways to brighten my house up!
Here are 4 ideas to Brighten a room!
Until next time! Have a great week!
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  1. I love this post! I think of the beach also in the winter. I love to bring home fresh flowers to brighten up a dull wintery day. Have a great week Christine.